19 July 2016

A note to my conservative friends

I'm sorry.

I know we don't agree on much when it comes to politics, and I'm sure you've felt like I don't respect your opinions more than a few times. 

But you deserve better than this.
You deserve a candidate who you respect, who you believe in and who you are not constantly embarrassed by.

I'm sorry.

The thing is... 
We deserve better than this as well.
All of us - conservatives, liberals, socialists, libertarians, greens, communists, etc. 
We all deserve better.
America deserves better.

We deserve a functional political system - and in a two party system, if one of the parties is completely dysfunctional then so is the whole system.

I'm sorry. This election really sucks for you right now.

But we need you to fix your shit.
All of us need you to fix your shit. OK?


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