22 January 2014

How to be a Human, Part I

I can't believe I'm having to write this. I mean, shouldn't people learn this stuff as kids? It's like today's entrepreneurs are raised in Skinner boxes before being set loose like rabid bats once they hit puberty.

OK... here is the deal. I'm going to give y'all some basic lessons on how to get along with other people in society. This if often called "socialization" (and relates to the idea of a "Social Contract"). Feel free to read about those on wikipedia if you want.


Cool. So here is lesson one. It's short, sweet and simple.

IF something will make your life easier / better
AND it will make others' lives easier / better
THEN you should absolutely do it
OR it at least has absolutely no negative impact on others' lives
THEN you should probably do it
IF it will have any negative impact on others' lives
THEN you should not do it, ever

How fucking hard is that to understand and follow?

17 January 2014


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